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I’ll Do It My Own Way!

ll’l do it my own way!  I have heard this quote come out of my brothers mouths more times than I would like to recall. You

I vacuum Barbie shoes

Finally the living room is cleared of all toy and I am ready to vacuum. It sometimes even takes days to get to this point.

Pulled in so many directions

Today I type with one hand…the other holds our little surprise, Acacia Emma Marie.  Yes, a complete surprise, but super sweet, treasured and adored to


It’s been so long since I’ve written here.  I don’t even remember the last time I wrote; maybe even over a year ago!  Wow!  Anyways,

Desire for Growth

First of all, its been forever since I have posted something.  I think about it a lot, but have been ummm distracted with life! I

Tis the Season

Does anyone else out there get completely overwhelmed with the expectations that are placed on you?  Lately I have been feeling like every area of

Everything Christmas

I remember being so excited to set up the Christmas tree when I was a kid.  And much to my dismay we were probably the

A Child”s First Prayer

Have any of you Moms or Dads out there experienced the blessing of your child praying for you?  I did for the first time the

Wet Socks

How many times did I change my socks today?  Okay only three times, and one of those was putting socks on when I got dressed

Missionary at Home

Well here is my attempt at blogging.  I am not sure what I am doing, who I am writing to, what I will be exactly

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