Mommy, we all like you… We love you.

I feel like its been so long since I have posted anything.  But I have had a lot on my mind, though just one thing at a time I will write about here.  Since this is fresh in my mind I would like to blog about it now…my daughter encouraged me tremendously the other day.  Now you have to know that my daughter, Brooklynn, is only two and a half…well I guess almost three now.  But I believe the Lord used her to really open my eyes to my sad, grumpy and sinful state.  I was just having a rough day.  I had been to the dentist in the morning and had gotten two fillings.  So when I returned home, my mouth was still frozen, I couldn”t eat and I was just exhausted…and there to greet me were my wonderful, yet energetic but also somewhat discontent children!  They had a good morning with their Dad,  Braeden had a little nap, Brooklynn played nice, as she usually does in the mornings.  But when I got home it was just that ”special” time of day, the time right after lunch when Brooklynn is tired, yet not tired enough to give in to a nap, and Braeden wanting mommy only for one reason, to fill his tummy.  

So I had two choices, I could ask God to give me strength to get through the afternoon, or I could try to do it on my own strength.  I chose the latter…not a good choice and my actions reflected that.  Brooklynn spent a lot of time crying, as did Braeden and even I ended up in tears on the couch when Daddy came to the rescue.  But in that moment when I broke down, my sweet, soft hearted little girl comes over to the couch when she sees my tears, “ooooh mommy it”s okay, we all like you…I love you and Daddy loves you and Braeden loves you too.”  This child has no idea how that hit me!  The wisest thing I heard all day came from a two year old!  My family loves me, even when I make mistakes!  They love me, even when they”ve had a visit from monster mom about 15 minutes before that!  I felt like God was speaking through Brooklynn in that moment as well.  God loves me even when I blow it…even when I ignore his open arms saying, “Carma, my child, give your frustrations and grumpiness over to me, let me carry you through the tough day, I want to be your rock to rely on, I love you.”  I have such an awesome and caring God. And I feel so blessed also, to have a little girl in my house hold who is letting the Lord use her, even if she doesn”t really realize it yet.  I see her spiritual gift perhaps of encouragement coming out in her, even at such a young age.




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