It’s been so long since I’ve written here.  I don’t even remember the last time I wrote; maybe even over a year ago!  Wow!  Anyways, let me just right back into the swing of things here…4pm.  4pm is not a good hour for me.  Neither is 4AM actually, but I usually don’t have to deal with too much anymore at 4AM.  4pm is when my household seems to be breaking at the seams.  Does this happen to you?  Morning is great, the kids are generally happy; they watch a show or two; eat breakfast from 7:30AM till about 10AM and play a little; eat a snack at about 10:30AM, color, draw, do play dough, destroy whatever area of the house I am not cleaning; then we have lunch.  After lunch we maybe play outside for a bit and come in chill with a snack and show around 3pm and then something magical happens around 4pm.  I don’t know what it is; and let me tell you it’s not the magical in the conventional sense. Like the kind you think of in the fairy tales, like when Cinderella’s fairy godmother shows up or sleeping beauty awakes from the kiss from her true love.  This kind of magic is very very dark, not sparkly or cheery.  4pm rolls around and Braeden suddenly realizes he hates the bowl his snack is in.  Brooklynn starts yelling that she is still “drinky” and I haven’t gotten her water yet.  Or else for some strange reason I am trying to accomplish something like preparing supper and I have two helpers that cannot agree on which stool they should each stand on or where it should be placed.  All hell seems to break lose and time and time again I find myself looking at the clock after I have thrown up my hands and said, “I’m going crazy!”; IT IS 4:02PM!  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this happens really.  I mean, its just that point in the day where everyone could use a nap.  We’ve been together all day doing normal, everyday, non-exciting things and now we are tired and the kids basically bored.  So today when that time hit, my super mom powers kicked in…well maybe it was a little idea from the Lord, but nonetheless, it was a great energy boosting activity and before I could snap back at my kids in their crazy hour, I popped in some tunes and we danced our frustrations away.  There was no boredom, no worries about drinks, or colors of bowls, and best of all no crying!  It was so fun!!!  We blasted the tunes and sang some praise songs!  I even got in trouble for turning the music down! The kids had a blast and I even snuck away a few times to peel a few potatoes for supper.  So I think my next step is to just come up with a list of crazy fun activities to do in our 4PM hour.  It may not work everytime, but it may just bring a little joy and save a few hairs on my head somedays.



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