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Picking up the RV

This was a lot of fun to finally head out… #almostthere  Finally we got to get on the road an bring the RV, which has

Heat and Hoodoos

This was it, our destination, our original trip location. #hmmmmweeeeee We arrived in Drumheller a little earlier than expected. So, feeling adventurous, we took up

The Beginning

The Beginning

I wish we had been able to do this sooner… #regrets.  For the last…forever my wife Carma and I have been working at summer camps,

The old kitchen/Chapel

This week Dauphin Bible Camp lost their old kitchen and Chapel. The news was both shocking and saddening to me personally. For 9 years Dauphin

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How To Winterize MY RV

How to Properly Winterize My RV

When the weather gets cold and temperatures dip below freezing you have to take steps to protect your RV. Ensuring that you properly winterize my