Finally the living room is cleared of all toy and I am ready to vacuum. It sometimes even takes days to get to this point. One day I make a mental note that my floor needs vacuuming. Then next day I write it on my list of things to do on the white board. Then finally the next day I throw all toys to the couches or in a basket and quickly retrieve the vacuum from the laundry room or from where ever I left it last. I plug it in and immediately the kids snap into this hyper mood and start playing “get as close as you can to the vacuum and then dodge it” game. The vacuum is purring away along with the sound of kids screaming and the sound of a weeks worth of crumbs, playdough, dirt from the trips across the living room with our shoes just to quickly snag the car keys we seem to always leave on the other side of the house!

As I vacuum I use my power nossel to push remaining toys or items out of the way and then in my line of vison is the dreaded Barbie shoe. You know those cheapy ones? They come in every color, but all from the same mold that actually is not even close to fitting a Barbies foot, but of course you”re child doesn’t understand why the shoe doesn’t fit! I don”t even understand why the shoe doesn’t fit!! So anyways, now I have to make a choice. Do I take the time to bend down and pick up the shoe? Or do I leave it? But then I am reminded of the many a time my daughter has come to me with these cheap Barbie shoes, frustrated to no end with the fact that those darn things just don’t stay on the Barbie’s foot!

Sooooo, you call it laziness, I call it minimizing frustrations in the house…either way, I make the decision to vacuum it up. And as easy as it was dropped, it gets sucked up the nossell never to be yelled at again because of their uselessness! So yes I vacuum Barbie shoes! Not sure why I had to write a post about this, but alas it was on my mind and had to share 🙂



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