Pulled in so many directions

Today I type with one hand…the other holds our little surprise, Acacia Emma Marie.  Yes, a complete surprise, but super sweet, treasured and adored to bits nonetheless!  We love her with all we”ve got and I absolutely love that I am a mother of three!  But at the same time I feel as if I am LOSING MY MIND!!!!!  I feel pulled in three different directions…well maybe six or seven if I think about it more.  Here”s a few thoughts on each direction I am being pulled.

Richard. my dear husband. –  Okay Carma, be a good wife.  Spend quality time, encourage him, love him.  Listen to his computer talk- its important to him, so it”s important to you.

Brooklynn – Okay Mommy, this is your first born daughter.  She is 5 and just started Kindergarten.  She loves it, but still needs lots of mommy time, good talks and play time with mommy.  Her hair needs brushing for the 3rd time today.  She needs snacks, another picture printed off the computer to color, her nails or face painted and her bedsheets need to be changed(again).  She still needs snuggles on the couch before bed.

Braeden – Okay Mommy, your squishy boy, your middle child. Braeden needs to make a store out of your pantry items. You need to gather spare change and go “shopping” in his store which to you looks like a chaotic mess more than a store. He needs help onto the toilet, he can”t walk across the living room floor because in the last 5 minutes it has turned into lava and if his feet touch it they will burn off!!!  He needs another show, another snack, another drink(and only from the fireman cup today mommy).  He still needs snuggles at the end of the day with you and the precious rainbow blankie.

Acacia – WAAAAAAA!  Acacia needs mommy again.  Feed, poop, bounce, puke, bounce, sleep, eat.  Repeat. Oh and insert lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses into the mix.

the Mommy-  what does the mommy need? amble time to self on the computer, watching shows that don”t air on treehouse and a relaxation massage.  HA!  Maybe a shower and a healthy meal (once in while made by someone else)is more realistic.

The Lord is surely teaching me something in these busy, self sacrificing days.  I”m not completely sure what it is at this moment in time ( especially on the lack of sleep) .  But it has something to do with patience, love, self control. gentleness, joy….hmmm…these sound familiar.

Not sure where God is taking me on this journey, but I”ll be sure to be mindful and alert to his purpose for this mommy in the mundane and the day to day journeys.



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