This was it, our destination, our original trip location. #hmmmmweeeeee

We arrived in Drumheller a little earlier than expected. So, feeling adventurous, we took up the advice of a friend and headed over to find the HooDoos. We have been to Drumheller before but only to the museum. We had never explored much around the valley. So it was only 40 degrees Celsius out, let us find some rocks to climb on! All I can say is what a wonderful place. Really anything, where all of us can safely climb around on rocks, is ten stars in our books ;). 

The one issue was that it was hot when we started our descent into the valley. By the time we arrived at the HooDoos it was really cooking, especially for climbing around on rocks, but it was well worth it. Climbing all the way up the valley wall you can see all across the valley. 

I don’t know about you but comment below, how do you manage the tension of allowing your children to explore and have fun and see new things vs not dying. Since we had never explored this place we had no idea if a certain trail fell down 20 feet off a cliff or into a cave with some bear. Thus we had the constant tension of having fun but slow down 🙂 We all had a blast and wish we could have stayed there longer but the heat was getting a bit much. 

The guy selling ice cream in the parking lot was killing it. Luckily we had packed our plugin cooler with some cold beverages and ate lunch in the shelter in the parking lot…still hot. 

If you have never been there the parking lot was decent, however, we were road tripping. Many of the places we went and parked I would have a hard time getting into with our now 45 foot vehicle. 

After lunch, we headed over to the Royal Tyrrell Museum

It’s interesting how you can hype something up in your head so much only to leave you vastly disappointed. I have to say, the museum was great, but if you take the amount we paid and divide it by the minutes it took our children to push everyone out of the way as they made their mad dash to the dinosaurs, it was our most expensive per minute activity on the whole trip. The large dinosaurs are the highlight and as expected they are kept in a large room at the end of the tour. Before there are rooms filled with various other interesting artifacts, well for some. For our children, we were like ten-year-olds walking their oversized dogs on a windy day. There was no slowing them down. 

20 minutes later we exited the museum and enjoyed the park outside. 

It was also during this time that the kids found out that there were cactuses on the hillsides. Dear Lord help us. Suddenly everyone had to have their own cactus and don’t steal my cactus lol. 

We love Drumheller and if you have never been there put it on your list. Go check it out and see this great little town and all it has to offer. 



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