The actual beginning at Western RV Country

Western Rv
This was really the beginning of this whole adventure.

What happens when a thought gives birth to dream… #rv

This was really the beginning of this whole adventure. And it is only looking back that we see it as the beginning at the time it really wasn’t that epic, it’s not like we had dwarfs banging on our door or anything (Confused, it’s a Hobbit reference? Click here).

After spending all morning at Drumheller it was only a couple more hours from the HooDoos to our hotel in Airdrie. Getting there early we had some time to kill and noticed the Western RV Country lot next door and decided that we should go check it out. Our goal was to spend the next hour exploring the RV’s, checking out the different features and basically letting the kids roam a bit so we didn’t have to spend the next 6 hours in the hotel pool. The reality is that all of the RV’s were locked and we needed a salesperson to show us around. Hmm, not what I was hoping for but something to do none the less. 

After tracking down our salesperson, sorry I forgot your name but you were nice:), we were treated to free ice cream and arcades as she tracked down some keys for us. At this point, we didn’t have a truck. So anything that didn’t have an engine was out, motorhome it is. We also have three children so having space to fit them cuts out all the retirement classics out there. However, there were some units we could look at so, excellent let’s do it. 

Don’t ask me model numbers, I only remember that we looked at three class C’s. The Class C models seemed to work best for us as they had the extra bunk space above the driver seat. We definitely knew our kids each needed their own bed, as there had already been fights and schedules made as to who had to share with who on our current road trip. Anyways, it was at this time that we began to fall in love with the idea of RVing. 

Our kids were pumped, they had the papers signed and were heading out the doors with the keys. However, we still had a trip to finish, conversations to have and needed time to allow this small seed of traveling and working on the road to grow.



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