Want to hold a baby kangaroo?

Just off the beaten path, a special place is found... #discovery

Just off the beaten path, a special place is found… #discovery 

In 2017 on our trip through BC we stopped to visit some friends and family in Lake Country and were introduced to a fantastic little spot called Kangaroo Creek Farm. If we had simply driven through Lake Country we would not have even known it was there. But below the highways, down a couple streets in town and you come across the gates which lead to the most fantastic petting zoo we have ever been at. 

To be fair we only have a couple ag fairs and Gopherville that has since closed down to compare it to. Richard had one big travel vacation growing up and stopped at a small town with his family that had a petting zoo. Even though it was pretty poor (to be honest it most likely wasn’t as bad as we made it sound) it provided years of good memories recalling only being able to see the eyes of the animals, they were to pet, in the back of their cages. Thankfully Kangaroo Creek Farm is nothing like that. On a side note that small town was also where Carma grew up. It was many years later that we met and discovered this crazy fact that Gopherville was in her hometown. 

Walking down the hill into the farm you see a barn to the right and a path to the left. We had our friends and were guided straight left and then right into the main kangaroo pen. In the pen there was a lot of kangaroos that were tame enough that you could walk up to pet. You could tell that they were used to this activity and some would even come to you for a little scratch. There was also a nesting ostrich in the pen, although it wasn’t on our “wish to pet” list. 

One of the favorite parts though was in the barnyard as there was a whole variety of animals. With your expected goats and chickens to the more unexpected patagonian cavies. Acacia spent the next 1/2 hour feeding corn to the goats who never seemed to lose their appetites. 

In another enclosure, we found a mother sugar glider, who had just had a baby only days before. We were able to hold the mother, and the baby was resting in a pouch around the neck of one of the staff members.  They told us that normally the sugar gliders are pretty active and jump from person to person…but this mother was still in recovery mode, which any mother can relate to 😉 

As the kids explored the animals in this pen, the Moms secured a place in line to wait to hold the Joey’s. 

The line was a little long but it was well worth the wait as we got to hold the baby joeys tucked in nicely with their blankets. The kids were thrilled and even Braeden had a smile holding his little buddy. 

If you have kids and love animals this is a great place to stop and visit. What is your favorite petting zoo or simply animal place that you love to visit? 



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