Does anyone else out there get completely overwhelmed with the expectations that are placed on you?  Lately I have been feeling like every area of life is bombarding me to be at the top of my game.  Eat healthy – don”t eat processed food, only homemade and organic food! Be the best parent – have disciplined and obedient kids!  Be a great wife – be everything they need you to be! Be a great friend –  be there always!  Be a godly woman – read my bible everyday, pray and put God first always! Be fit – workout everyday!  Be organized and clean –  keep the house clean, change the sheets every week, never have laundry sitting around, and never have dishes sitting in the sink for more than an hour!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!  I think I might just be making you all overwhelmed just by reading the last few sentences!  But seriously, at times in my life I look at these several areas and think, how can I do it?  How can I be a godly wife, parent and friend? And keep up with all things!  Reality is that we can”t right?  So what do we choose to put first?  For me it changes.  

Sometimes during the year I feel like I can have time to focus a little more on health and fitness.  That time is not now (especially not near Christmas!) I still try to make sure we eat some fruit and veggies eat day, but sorry, no homemade bread here in the last few weeks.  Is it really a big deal if I make a store bought lasagna versus a homemade one?  Not really.  This season of life is not really allowing for much time for workouts or intense walks to burn off calories.  My husband and I have good intentions of doing some type of routine workout after the kids go to bed, but always end up chilling on the couch or catching up about our days.  This is the season to focus on raising my kids.  We are still figuring out how to discipline and what parenting is beyond those baby years!  This is the season to be a great wife…actually its always that season!  And of course its always the season to put Christ first too.  Sometimes, though, to be honest, that doesn”t happens.  But as I write this I am reminded that if I always make Jesus “the season”, those other areas will happen as they should.  So, Tis the Season to put Jesus first.




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