Winnipeg Zoo, worth the stop?

With hundred of different animals and lots to do we certainly enjoy it.

What can we say, we love animals. What better place to find animals than at the zoo. The zoo we grew up with has been the Winnipeg Zoo. With hundred of different animals and lots to do we certainly enjoy it. 

Take a look at our latest videos that gives a little glimpse of the zoo and the types of animals that are there. 

One of the highlights is the seals and polar bears. With their unique enclosure it allows you to have a view of them swimming or walking throughout their space. It is definately something unique that we have not seen in other zoos. The seals we have seen a number of times, but not the polar bears like that. 

Is it worth the stop? We would say yes. Like any zoo you have to time it right to miss large crowds, wasp season and all those fun things. 

One of the highlights of this particular visit was the geese that walked past us. So funny that they would not walk overtop of the grate. 🙂 

What is your favorite zoo? Let us know in the comments below. 



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