A weekend at Lake Manitoba

This past year we had the opportunity to go and spend a weekend at our friends cabin on Lake Manitoba. Now Lake Manitoba is huge, so this was specifically on the West side up past cell phone reception :). So it had to be a non work weekend, which was nice, but different for me. 

The weekend was very relaxing with lots to do including paddle boarding, which we had never had the opportunity to do before. The kids absolutely loved it and inspired us to buy our own paddleboards to add to our RV as we travelled around. 

Now I (Richard), grew up on Lake Manitoba so the lake itself is not new to me, however this lake is so large I had never been to this portion of it. Although it is very much the same, it is a whole new experience. The kids also had a blast going tubing. 

One evening we also got our fishing rods out and although there was nothing big to catch by the dock there were tons of little perch that would chase the hooks in and made it a lot of fun. Braeden also caught a nice size perch, but for the life of me I have been unable to track down the footage of his fish, although I know we have it somewhere. 



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