How many times did I change my socks today?  Okay only three times, and one of those was putting socks on when I got dressed this morning.  But I think normal people only go through an average of one pair a day!  But today Richard decided to clean down the hall.  We work and live at a Bible Camp and actually reside in one of the camp buildings.  We call it home, its nice and cozy and during non busy season its quiet and just feels like a normal place to live.  Anyways, Richard decided to clean outside of our apartment down to the other end of the hall and his office…so he was vacuuming and then mopping.  Brooklynn decided she needed to be trooping around on the freshly mopped floor, so I put her slippers on.  (Which are a garage sale find – huge Clifford dogs, which look hilarious when she has only a t-shirt and underwear on!) Her feet were staying dry and my were okay until she insisted on trying to mop her self.  I showed her how to use the mop pail but my socks had no hope!

The next pair had to be changed around bath time…does anyone else have this problem when their kids bath.  There is just about as much water on the floor as in the bath tub?  Oh my word, both my kids splash like there is no tomorrow!   Braeden, he is only 6.5 months, so his splashing is expected.  He loves the bath and vibrates every time I take him near the tub and turn on the water.  Brooklynn, her splashing is more to do with her wild imagination.  She is usually pretending to be swimming in a large pool, hopping like a frog, diving like a mermaid (by the way, thanks Little Bear for teaching my child about weird mermaids, and not to mention goblins!) or she just gets carried away playing with her horses and ponies.   Tonight I actually remembered to lay down a few more towels on the floor than usual, which saved the floor, but not my socks!

Socks are a small price to pay to enjoy watching my kids having fun in the tub or learning to mop a floor.  (I don”t think Brooklynn thinks that mopping is a chore, she was having so much fun!  She may think otherwise when she is 15 and its been on her list of chores for the past 4 years!) Today I was in awe of how God has blessed my family…wet socks were probably the worst thing about today.  Nothing to complain about at all.  Thank you Lord for health, safety and your loving hand on us.  God is so good, so good, He”s so good to me.




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