Have any of you Moms or Dads out there experienced the blessing of your child praying for you?  I did for the first time the other day.  Brooklynn (2.5) has been learning about prayer since we brought her home from the hospital.  In our house we pray before meals and we pray before bed, but we also pray about things during the day.  We pray and thank God for the sun, or we pray and ask God to send the sun on a cold and cloudy day.  We pray sometimes when we get mad at each other.  We pray if we have lost something and need to find it.  We pray for animals or sometimes I have been asked to even pray for a stuffed animal.  

I have been trying to get Brooklynn to pray, but she has never wanted.  She just you, “No you pray Mommy.”  I have explained that God likes to hear from her, and its just like talking to Mommy.  Just say what you want.  So finally the other day, I was having a lot of pain in my neck and had mentioned it a few times that I was hurting.  Brooklynn wanted to kiss it better, but I told her I needed more than that.  “We could pray”  I told her.  “Do you want to pray?”  “No you, Mommy.”  She said.  I told her she could try if she wanted too.  I paused.  Then came the sweetest prayer (at least to my ears, and I am sure it made God smile too to hear from this little child!)  “God make Mommy betterd” (betterd, that how she says better :)) It was the best feeling ever, to have my child step out and bring my hurt and ask God to make it better.  She soon wanted to run down the hall with me, an activity I had been reluctant to do before because my neck hurt so bad, but unfortunately God didn’t heal me instantly.  Although what testimony if he had.  

Nonetheless it was an amazing experience and I only pray that Brooklynn’s faith will grow and grow and grow, and I look forward to many more chances to hear her prayers and see her growth in my Savior.  And my biggest prayer is to see Brooklynn and my son, Braeden come to a knowledge and belief in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  But for now I will rejoice in their innocence as small children and know that my God cares for them, and if I and my husband are faithful in raising them right in the Lord’s eyes that he be gracious to us.  It reminds me of the song,  “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it, he who started the work will be faithful to complete it in you!”, Have any of you Moms or Dads out there experienced the blessing of your child praying for you?




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